• Back to School with a Bang!

    Suddenly it’s September; whether you’re young, old or in-between, this month has the scent of new pencils in the air. It’s all about fresh starts and keeping clear of colds and viruses when going into the new term. Eating well is of course another key factor in keeping kids healthy and there is a growing debate about banning junk-filled packed lunches in favour of more nutritious school dinners. With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips for the new term:  

    Resisting coughs and colds

    When children go back to school, they come into contact with new and old friends as well as a bunch of bugs and viruses. Bolstering their immune systems can reduce susceptibility, so a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is a must. Meals containing onions, garlic, mushrooms, green leafy veg and tomatoes are especially helpful. Foods containing zinc are also important in a well-functioning immune system, Brazil nuts, almonds, seafood and meat are all good sources. Getting in a dose of OVIO each morning with breakfast is another great booster - it's antibacterial and antiviral, so will fight off the threat of infections. Just add a half dose (about 30ml) to a fresh juice or smoothie. 

    Raise energy and motivation by clever snacking

    It's time to get back into good habits and forget the ice creams and lollies of the summer. Give your kids a burst of energy without relying on quick fixes like sugar or refined carbohydrates which inevitably lead to a slump within an hour of eating. By eating foods that contain healthy fats, protein and fibre energy is released more slowly, so give them little tubs of nuts and seeds, a greek yoghurt, a healthy homemade flapjack, a smoothie containing some coconut oil and avocado (the taste disappears with fruit) to keep them going rather than reaching for the crisps or chocolate.

    Boost concentration with brain nourishment

    It is well established that omega-3 fatty acids nourish the brain, so ensure that your kids are getting their quota. A few portions of oily fish each week could include some smoked mackerel, grilled salmon, or sardines. These essential fats are also found in eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados and even wild and grass-fed meats, so if they turn their noses up at fish - give venison a go.  

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