• World Heart Day - 29th September

    OVIO olive leaf and beetroot for a healthy heart

    Can I protect myself against heart disease? 

    Heart conditions can develop from a wide range of causes, and family history plays a major role, however, those with a predisposition can hugely reduce their risk by taking on a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. There is a strong correlation between low heart disease rates and a plant-based diet. This means plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, salad, nuts, seeds, which all help to lower your risk. The antioxidants and phytochemicals found in plants neutralise oxidants and free radicals that enter our systems causing cell damage, inflammation and affect the tissue of our blood vessels.

    OVIO® Olive Leaf Extract Plus Beetroot is specifically helps improve blood circulation and lower cholestoral for a healthy heart. The olive leaf also has incredibly powerful antioxidant capabilities, and the active ingredients, like oleuropein and rutin may have very specific heart health impact. So a shot each day could be protective for the heart.

    Heart-friendly diet tips:

    Reduce foods that contribute to inflammation, this includes processed red meat, cheese, white starchy foods such as bread, pasta and pizza, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Don’t heat olive oil and other liquid oils to high temperatures as these are unstable fats, which become oxidised very quickly and can cause inflammation in the body. So reduce refined vegetable oils and use a dessert spoon of a healthy oil such as flax, olive or walnut drizzled over vegetables or salads instead. If you need fat or oil for cooking use coconut oil, butter or even lard, because these are solid at room temperature and can tolerate heat without becoming oxidised.

    What about meat?

    Meat is still an important part of many people’s diets, so if you’re an avid carnivore make sure you choose well, go for free-range, unprocessed beef and poultry, or wild meat such as venison which have higher levels of omega-3 fats and are anti-inflammatory. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are wonderful sources of omega-3, as are eggs (don’t worry about eggs raising cholesterol – the bad LDL cholesterol is not raised by dietary cholesterol, but by oxidation of fats).

    All-round heart health:

    Because stress is a big factor in heart disease, think about the sources of stress in your life, how can you tackle them? Can you make any changes? Exercise and break a sweat daily, practice breathing exercises, get a massage, and spend time outdoors in natural light as much as you can.


    To find out more about OVIO® Olive Leaf + Beetroot, or to purchase, follow this link: https://oviowellness.clickfunnels.com/sales-page-beet-video

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