Absolutely nothing artificial- 100% Natural Olive Leaf Extract

Organic Olive Leaf extract
Purity & quality are essential characteristics of OVIO organic olive leaf extract supplements and functional drinks.


Organic Certified

OVIO are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Soil Association Stamp of approval, and to offer you products that assure the very best organic standards.

 What does organic mean? 
- Excellent environmental practices
- No additives or preservatives in the final product, only whole, natural ingredients
- High levels of biodiversity 
- Preservation of natural resources. No genetically modified crops or ingredients
- High animal welfare standards – OVIO isn’t an animal product, but our farmers care for the animals in their vicinity, using practices that avoid pesticides, herbicides or  non-organic fertilisers
- Strong ethics to support and protect the interests of all our partners involved in the      production of OVIO
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      Vegetarian & Vegan Certified 
      We are equally as proud to assure our customers that OVIO products are 100% Vegetarian and Vegan- friendly.  Sealed with the very best stamps of approval!
      Soil Association OrganicVegetarian Society ApprovedVegan Society Approved
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